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Tentative Schedule

Endnote Speaker

Sharon Neumann Solow

Interpreter, Trainer, Performer,
Lecturer, Author, Consultant

Sharon Neumann Solow works with great commitment and joy as an interpreter, trainer, performer, lecturer, author and consultant. Her career, spanning over 50 years, has taken her around the United States, and to Canada, South America, Mexico, Europe, Scandinavia, New Zealand and Australia. She is the author of two books, Sign Language Interpreting: A Basic Resource Book and Say It with Sign along with numerous professional articles and handbooks and is presently working on an exciting new book.

Her travels and some of her conference work have involved interpreting using international gesture (a gestural, pantomimic form of communication across language barriers). Along with teaching sign language interpreters at all levels, she has been involved in the education of spoken language interpreters and interpreter educators through the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Sharon is honored to be a long standing member of efsli(The European Federation of Sign Language Interpreters). She is an active member of the RID (Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf – US) and CIT (Conference of Interpreter Trainers – US), holding the NAD (National Association of the Deaf – US) SIGN (Sign Language instructor) Comprehensive Permanent Certificate as well as the RID Specialist Certificate: Legal and was certified as a Happiness coach in 2022.

The 2016 recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award from Region V RID, the 2016 RIT/NTID Award of Appreciation as well as the 2010 joint RID – CIT Mary Stotler Award, she was honored with the 2005 Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) President’s Award and the President’s Award for 2005 from the National Association of Black Interpreters (NAOBI). She also received the 1987 national Virginia Hughes Award for outstanding contributions to the field of sign language interpreting. Sharon has lived in California on the Monterey Peninsula since 1984. She and her husband have two wonderful children and 5 delicious granddaughters.

Endnote Speaker

Franklin Jones, Jr.

Lecturer in Deaf Studies

Franklin Jones, Jr., serves as a lecturer in Deaf Studies and is pursuing a doctorate in Language & Literacy Education with a specialization in Deaf Studies at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. In his primary role, he instructs students at various proficiency levels in American Sign Language (ASL). His research interests focus on Black American Sign Language (BASL), delving into its historical origins, linguistic intricacies, cultural significance, and the resilience of Black Deaf males in higher education.

 Prior to joining Boston University, Professor Jones gained valuable experience as a lecturer at Gallaudet University. This esteemed position was attained through a highly competitive selection process. At Gallaudet University, he successfully taught ASL to a diverse range of students, including Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals. This experience significantly enhanced his teaching skills and deepened his understanding of ASL communication dynamics.

Professor Jones is recognized as a distinguished speaker on educational, linguistic, and cultural equity within Deaf communities. His expertise extends to various areas, including the Black Deaf experience, ASL, BASL, deaf culture, linguistics, and pedagogy. Additionally, he has delivered impactful presentations, contributing to the broader discourse on Deaf studies and linguistic diversity.

CIT TALK Speakers

Gloshanda Lawyer &
Kenton Myers

Black multilingual researcher/interpreter

Myers & Lawyer is a Black multilingual researcher/interpreter duo composed of Kenton Myers and Gloshanda Lawyer. Kenton Myers is a trilingual (ASL, Spanish, English) interpreter who is known for his leadership in the advancement of the interpretation and translation field. He serves as president of the Interpreters and Translators Association of Alabama (ITAA). He has co-authored a 40-hour English/Spanish language healthcare interpreter training program to prepare individuals for national certification. Gloshanda Lawyer, PhD is a trilingual (ASL, Spanish, English) interpreter and independent researcher. She advocates for multilingualism for Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled and Hard of Hearing populations. She has been a K-12 Deaf educator, early interventionist, and assistant professor of Deaf Education, Deaf Studies, and Interpreter Education. For the past year, Myers & Lawyer has been engaging in community-based research, creating resources and training materials, and publishing multilingual open access content for BIPOC interpreters and the organizations that contract for interpreting services. They focus on issues of power and justice in language access spaces.

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